Leica BLK-360 Lidar
The BLK-360 imaging laser scanner features a focus on simplicity and interaction, with a single button design, iPad Pro user interface, and easy integration with processing and conversion software such as ReCap Pro. Featuring a a measuring radius of 60m at an accuracy of 6mm @ 10m, this compact scanner captures over 60 million 3D points and an HDRI panorama in under 5 minutes. The iPad Pro controls all functions of the scanner as well as downloading scans for preview and performing alignment between scans taken in the same location. In terms of speed, ease of use, and feature set, the BLK-360 is a revolution in on-set survey and VFX data acquisition.
Package Includes:
  • BLK-360 Lidar scanner in protective case
  • (3) Leica batteries
  • (2) Leica battery chargers
  • 12" iPad Pro
  • Access to PC running ReCap Pro for alignment, processing, and cleanup of scans
  • Leica tripod
  • Standard tripod adapter plate
  • Carrying Case
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