We offer a range of camera support options for our cameras, from the heavy-duty 2-axis Weaver nodal head on Ronford Baker standard legs for shooting 360º on our Epic to the bottom-weighted Benro Monopod for our Z4XL or Ikonoskop. Our Bogen tripod is suitable for all of our cameras, and the Easyrig is perfect for making Epic handheld or gimbal-mounted shots much easier.
Support Options:
  • Bogen tripod/head suitable for packages under 30lbs
  • Ronford Baker Standard Tripod w/Mitchell mount
  • Benro A48FD Monopod with extendable feet and optional bottom weights
Weaver Head:
  • 2-Axis nodal head (ideal for 360º shooting with our 8mm Nikkor lens)
  • Extension tubes, PV, Arri, and standard plates, and dutch plate
  • Easyrig Cinema 3 handheld support – up to 55lbs

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